Need A Chiropractor After Traveling?

When you get to spend your nights at home, you sleep on a bed and mattress that you specifically chose for your health and comfort. You have everything arranged just the way you need it so that you can get up in the morning fresh, flexible, and ready to tackle your day.

It’s not likely enough such a beautiful picture when you travel. Whether you do it for vacation or work, you occasionally have to spend nights in hotel rooms, and it only takes one night to throw your body out of whack. If this happens to you while on the road, keep reading to learn seven ways to minimize or prevent back pain from hotel beds. If the back pain is inevitable visit Davis Chiropractic for the best services in handling back pain.

1) Pack your pillows: Extra pillows for your head can help, but the best thing might be a full-body pillow to snuggle up with between your legs to reduce pressure on the low back. To save space, just bring the full-body pillow case and stuff it with bedding or pillows from the other beds or furniture, although that will be lumpier than you are used to.

2) End or start your day with yoga: Use your smartphone or laptop to go through yoga or tai chi routines when you have time to keep your body loose and limber. Also, make use of the hotel’s fitness center and swimming pool to keep your posture robust.

3) Call ahead of time: If you’re concerned in advance, call the hotel ahead of time and go over it with them. They may have options.

4) Carry an inflatable mattress: This might not be practical if you’re flying, but an inflatable mattress is sometimes an alternative to the bed. You can try it out at home and get used to it. Likewise, ask the hotel if they have one available.

5) Bring a topper: All you might need to avoid back pain from your hotel bed is memory foam, a yoga mat, or even a camping pad to put on top of the bed. For that matter, you might be able to pull bedding off the room’s other bed and fold them into an extra little mattress if you need a bit more softness to slumber in.

6) Pull out the sleeper sofa: Larger hotel rooms have multiple pieces of furniture, often including a pull-out sleeper sofa or couch. Sleeping on it is considerably different than on a full hotel bed. If the crossbars are too much to put up with, consider sleeping perpendicular across it between the beams. It should sag just enough to work like a cot.

7) Sleep on the floor or the couch: Some folks find that the back pain from hotel beds is so bad that they just will not bother with it. They choose instead to sleep on the room’s couch (if there is one) or even the floor. The hard, firm surface of the floor seems to help a lot of people with back pain, but it’s not for everyone. You probably already know from personal experience if this works for you or not from the last time you slept on the floor or solid ground.

For most people, overnight travel is eventually unavoidable. If you suffer back pain from hotel beds when you are out of town, use these seven tips and tricks to keep your body active and healthy when you spend the night away from home. Your energy and vigor during your trip can be just as robust as when you sleep in your bedroom. Just to be on the safe side, pack medication and ice/hot patches to help your back out. Schedule a consultation at and get the best assessment.

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